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Disability Pride Month 2024

Disability Pride Month takes place each year in July. I follow a lot of other accessibility professionals and disability activists and either learn a lot or experience validation (or both) from their posts, especially during the month of July. One post I came across recently really had me nodding my head. Celia Chartres-Aris and Jamie Shields reached out to disabled people around the world for ‘The Big Ableism Survey.’ They asked participants how they really felt about ableism, how ableism affected them, how they dealt with internalized ableism and more.

  • 95% of disabled people have experienced ableism
  • 99% of disabled people believe that non-disabled people need more training and education on Ableism.
  • Only 1.5% of disabled people have never experienced internalized ableism.
  • Only 6.6% of disabled people have never experienced mental health challenges as a direct result of their disability.

Their site has the full report in multiple formats. It is worth your time.

July Disability Pride Month
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