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JavaScript for the Web

Course description: In this class, you’ll be introduced to web applications using a combination of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript (JS). You’ll learn the basics of JavaScript syntax and common programming concepts including strings, arrays, loops, conditional statements, and boolean logic. Through hands-on coding, you will create your own examples of simple programs to run on your own website. After a thorough grounding in “vanilla” JavaScript, you will learn about using JS libraries and code your own simple application using the popular jQuery library.

Prerequisite: HTML & CSS II or equivalent. The class will wrap up with a survey of some currently popular JS frameworks and libraries (like React), and advise on resources for further learning.

What is JavaScript?

JavaScript is a client-side scripting language. It runs on the user’s machine and not on the server, as some other web programming languages (PHP, Ruby, etc.) do. JavaScript and the way we use it is reliant on the browser’s capabilities and settings. JavaScript adds interactivity and custom behaviors to websites.

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Tools and Resources

In this class we will use:

Class CodePen

To provide more concrete, real-world code examples, I’ll begin posting in my class CodePen sandbox and will ask students to post code samples in theirs, to share during class.

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