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Neurodiversity Career Connector

April was Autism Acceptance month, but neurodivergent people need to be accepted all year round. So I was happy to read about a newly launched job site. It was created to help neurodivergent folks find meaningful work without barriers. The job search and job interviews, in particular, can be difficult. Neurodivergent applicants often feel overwhelmed and misunderstood. But this site aims to connect employers interested in more inclusive hiring with neurodiverse candidates seeking employment.

…the Neurodiversity Career Connector features job listings by U.S. employers seeking applicants with autism spectrum disorder, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), dyslexia and other conditions associated with neurodivergent, or atypical, brain functioning.

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If neurodivergent candidates can make it through the door, they have so much to offer employers! From Dr. Nancy Doyle’s site:

Neurodiversity can be a competitive advantage when the individuals are in the right environment, making use of their strengths, instead of constantly trying to overcome challenges. To achieve this we must create inclusive spaces to work and learn that reduce disabling factors and amplify diverse abilities.

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neurodiversity chart of attributes by condition

If you want to learn more, check out this podcast episode “Addressing the Needs of Neurodiverse Individuals in the Workplace: an Interview with Dr. Nancy Doyle.” If you follow that link, a full transcript is available on the page as well.

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