Customer-centric supporter who helps others get the most out of their technology with a minimal amount of frustration. Strong verbal and written communication skills paired with boundless patience, and a sense of humor. Able to maintain a positive attitude while multitasking in a fast-paced, interrupt-driven environment working with a wide array of users and stakeholders. Comfortable working on multiple platforms (macOS, Windows, Linux). Highly adaptable, quickly picking up on new software programs, hardware, systems and processes.

Specialties: Software development life cycle (partial to Agile practices), end user support, onboarding and training, troubleshooting, defect documentation and tracking, content creation and management, photography.


Bloomington, MN
February 2015 – present
Senior Technical Support Engineer

The Siteimprove Intelligence Platform is SaaS that combines content, analytics, and personal support to help customers control their digital presence. I support our customers, employees and partners by:

  • Managing implementation and deployment of more complex customer setups, e.g. Single Sign-On integrations.
  • Providing customer support via Zendesk tickets, community forums, social media posts, direct email, one-on-one telephone calls, conference calls with stakeholders and in person user groups and on site meetings.
  • Taking ownership of technical issues by determining scope and impact, and thoroughly outlining reproducible steps before escalating to development.
  • Logging defects and following up on their status with product development while keeping customers updated about the progress of fixes and providing customers with workarounds, when possible.
  • Advocating on behalf of customers in a Product Champion role by collaborating with Product Development to prioritize future enhancements, ensuring they are added to Product Roadmaps and pulled into sprints.
  • Beta testing new features and providing feedback to the product units and release management teams prior to release.
  • Documenting use cases to better understand how the software is currently being used and what customers would like to see in the future. Capturing those feature requests as user stories to be moved into the product backlog.
  • Providing recommendations and suggesting best practices as product updates are released and customer needs change.
  • Constantly looking for ways to optimize our systems and processes to work more efficiently.
  • Mentoring co-workers on cross-functional and geographically-distributed teams.
  • Meeting with developers regularly and sharing knowledge from those meetings with all levels of the Customer Experience team.
  • Identifying the need for new articles or enhancements to existing documentation for our internal and customer facing Knowledge Bases.

Clockwork Active Media Systems
Minneapolis, MN
March 2005 – February 2015
Jr Systems Administrator, Support Specialist, Front End Developer, QA Tester, Corporate Photographer

Daily responsibilities include:

  • Technical support for internal and external users via email, instant messenger and phone. Troubleshooting, documenting and escalating issues with any and all software, hardware and systems as needed.
  • Installing CMS and related product suite for customers on production and review servers and managing user permissions for each install.
  • Cloning production CMS installs to development and test servers for internal users.
  • Installing Trac projects and managing user permissions for each project.
  • Writing detailed but easy to understand documentation on the corporate intranet, for internal users as well as content on the corporate web site for customers.
  • Bash scripting to automate routine processes.
  • Purchasing hardware and software and managing software licensing for internal users.
  • Troubleshooting hardware problems and delivering hardware to The Foundation for repair when unable to resolve the issue.
  • On call after hours. Assisting with troubleshooting and client messaging during incident management.
  • Quality assurance testing and proofreading.
  • Working with vendors: Qualys, GoogleApps, DigiCert, TuCows/OpenSRS
  • User account management: setting up email accounts for employees and customers, Google Apps, LDAP/network access, etc. Disabling accounts when an employee left.
  • New employee and end user onboarding and training.
  • Creating content for social media channels: twitter, flickr, Facebook, corporate blog and email newsletters to clients and staff
  • Photography: employee head shots, on-site with clients, documenting employee volunteer work and other events

Fallon Inc
Minneapolis, MN
August 2000 – August 2003
Front End Web Developer

  • Involved in the entire life cycle of a website, from planning to implementation and maintenance
  • Carried out production work in Photoshop and Flash
  • Built web sites in HTML & CSS
  • Updated content for large scale websites
  • Maintained files in version control software

Minnesota Life (now Securian)
St Paul, MN
1997 – 2000
First Level Tech Support

  • Answered calls on a help desk from company’s employees, troubleshooting hardware and software problems in a Windows environment
  • Responded to less urgent issues via email
  • Logged all interactions in a ticketing software system

Second Level Tech Support

  • Visited desks of employees whose hardware or software problems were not resolved after a call to the help desk
  • Ordered hardware or software as needed
  • Updated open tickets as necessary to document reproducible steps or progress toward resolution
  • Email server administration

MN Department of Human Services
St Paul, MN
1994 – 1997
Internet Coordinator

  • Managed intranet and created web versions of health care provider manuals
  • Was responsible for the layout and printing of health care provider manuals
  • Acted as liaison between the department and IT / tech support; documented issues before escalation
  • Provided audio/visual setup assistance for co-workers who presented information at seminars

West Publishing (now Thomson Reuters)
Eagan, MN
1992 – 1994
Database Verifier

  • Downloaded data from Bulletin Board Systems, proofread it against hard copy versions, and marked up digital files in SGML (precursor to HTML) before uploading it to Westlaw
  • Assisted co-workers with the transition from dumb terminals to Windows PCs
  • Trained users in groups and in one on one sessions, as needed


  • Help desk ticketing, bug tracking & CRM software
  • Agile / Scrum philosophy
  • Content Management Systems: WordPress, Pantheon, Ektron, etc.
  • User account management
  • Text editors: Sublime, vi, Coda, nano, pico, etc.
  • Hand-coded HTML, CSS, Javascript and Bash scripting
  • Google Search Appliance and Google Analytics
  • Version control: Subversion, Microsoft Visual SourceSafe, Oracle SCM
  • SSL certificate and domain management
  • PCI Compliance scanning and reporting
  • Microsoft Office, OpenOffice and Google Apps
  • Professional photography and image production (Adobe Photoshop, Lightroom, etc.)

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