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Front-End Website Design

Spring semester classes have ended.

Course description

With the Internet being served up on everything from hand-held devices to widescreen TVs, building websites has become an increasingly challenging and complex process. This course will introduce the fundamentals of visual and experience design. You will create a design brief stating the problem you are trying to solve, then design and style a basic website. We will use responsive web design techniques so the site will work across multiple devices and screen resolutions. We’ll discuss the pros and cons of using a content management system (such as WordPress or Drupal) and adding advanced functionality to your site using JavaScript.

Prerequisite: HTML & CSS II or strong working knowledge of HTML/CSS and some JavaScript.

Week 1

Overview of Web Design and introduction to design/prototype tool Figma.
Video: Figma for Beginners playlist
Video: Figma UI Design Tutorial: Get Started in Just 24 Minutes!

Week 2

Typography and Alignment

Week 3

Color Theory, using color on the web, color, and accessibility, choosing and using photographic assets.

Week 4

Brand ideation, mood board, using and creating images including SVG images, creating an original logo

Week 5

Web Style Guides – atomic design, the styling of specific elements

Week 6

Website Design – utilize your branding and style guide to put together a web page according to your guide and the principles of design.

General Resources

Individuals to Follow